Our Mission

Forget Me Knots Inc. is committed to educating all about the historical contributions of Blacks from Louisiana to society in the areas of politics, law, education, the arts, business, and others. Also, we will promote the research of individuals interested in discovering their family's history through the use of genealogy.


Our Founder, Author, and Publisher


firefox Norman Raymond Smith a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and a resident of the Treme section of the city became interested in local Black history in his early teens. In the 1970s he worked for an anti-poverty program trying to find ways to encourage Black youngsters to stay in school, stay away from illegal drugs and criminal activity through tracing and imitating other local Black men and women who had demonstrated some success in their life. The local public library had very little information on Black people during that time. Smith began interviewing elders and community leaders, and collecting material and studying Black people of Louisiana to present to the youngsters. In 1983, he began publishing his Louisiana Black history calendar, "Etches of Ebony Louisiana Annual Black History Calendars." The calendars chronicled the Black people of Louisiana with a day to day tid-bits of information on each of the 365 days of the year about the people and their history. In the pages of "Footprints of Black Louisiana" many of his subjects, and significant events that took place in Louisiana since the 1800s that chronicles them.


Subtle Fact Gallery



This is the drum of Jordan B. Noble, a veteran of four wars, and a Captain of Louisiana Native Guard. This drum was beaten by him at many military and civic parades, including the World's
Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, 1884-1885.


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